Attorney Says Viral Video Of Nicki Minaj’s Husband’s Alleged Victim Was Heavily Edited!!

The attorney representing Jennifer Hough, the woman who was allegedly raped by Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth “Zoo” Petty in the 90s says a viral video appearing to show that she may have lied…has been heavily edited.

“This heavily edited video conversation with Jennifer and Black does not deserve a comment,” Blackburn said via Jason Lee. “Ask that rapist to explain the transcript from his plea hearing where he admitted to attempting to rape Jennifer with a knife at his grandmother’s house.”

Jason Lee suggested he would be interviewing Lee.

In the video, Hough claimed that she asked the prosecutors to drop the case against the then-teenage Kenneth, who was represented by an out-matched Legal Aid attorney.

Jennifer can be heard saying, “I stood up in court and – when the judge asked ‘Does anyone have anything to say before [Kenneth Petty] is sentenced” – and I said, “Your honor I am the person who pressed the charges, and I would like to drop the charges I made a huge mistake.”

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