Attorney Claims Young Thug RICO Trial Could Take THREE Years!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Defense attorneys E. Jay Abt, Douglas Weinstein, and Katie A. Hingerty are asking Judge Ural Glanville to streamline the number of state witnesses called in the Young Thug RICO trial…otherwise the trial could drag on until 2027.

“The state, after originally proposing a witness list of over 700 witnesses, has a list of over 400 witnesses it intends to present at trial. To date, the State has presented approximately 40 witnesses since presentation of witnesses began at the end of November. At the present, representative rate, it will take until approximately October 2026 to complete the presentation of State’s witnesses,” the motion read via Law & Crime. “Thus, the present trial will take well into at least mid-2027 to complete.”

Young Thug

Deamonte Kendrick, aka Yak Gotti, and several other defendants were indicted in the 2015 murder of Donavan Thomas Jr. They have also been indicted on other serious crimes…but the trial is nowhere close to being over even though it started in November 2023.

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