Now Atlanta Str*p Club Have Dancers Poppin To Christian Music On Sundays! (Is This Wrong?)

Iyanna Muhammad |

Popular Atlanta strip club Magic City is going viral, after the club DJ has been playing Christian music on Sundays, to help the patrons and the dancer get lit.

Media Take Out learned that the club has been playing the popular Christian Hip Hop song Big God on Sundays, and the dancers were loving it.

Atlanta, the st**p club capital of the world, is located in the South – where the majority of people are practicing Christians. What do you think about it.

The rapper who made Big God is named Emanuel Da Prophet, and he considers himself to be a Christian hip hop artist.

For those interested, here’s a sample of the lyrics that the dancers were tw*rking to:

Man, I’m talking ’bout a big God, big God
When trouble comes around the way
Only remedy for big odds is a big God (big God)
Ain’t nobody gonna shake my faith
No, I’m not afraid to throw my hands up in praise
For the times that He pulled me through
I’m counting on a big God that they can’t stop (can’t stop)
He’s a big God

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