Atlanta Housewives Star Phaedra EXPLAINS Why She’s SINGLE . . . Black Twitter REACTS!

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Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is going viral today, after she posted a very interesting post on Instagram, Media Take Out confirmed.

In a new Instagram Reel, Phaedra shared a list of reasons she’s single. The 48-year-old lawyer explained her situation, as she mouthed the words to a background track, “They can’t take all this. This is a lot. I give (roaring sounds) from the time that I open my eyes to the time I close my eyes.”


She continued in the video while describing how good her s*x life is and how well she can cook chicken. “But I’m loyal, and my c—–e good, and I fry chicken good the first time I don’t have to double back.”

Phaedra included the caption that she’s “satisfied being single” and that her past suitors weren’t “enough.”

The mother of two wrote, “I’m not too much … .you’re just – NOT enough #single and #satisfied #nopainnogain is only good if #BettyWright is singing it!”

Black Twitter is reacting to Phaedra’s post, and many are offering advice to the single star.

“Say it. That’s the truth a career woman or man deserves only someone that can handle the career not the person so yes she’ll be single for awhile get it together lol love ya pharedra as person.”

“S–t, Single is Great!! Staying Focused and have Plenty of Boss Businesses to Handle.”

“AMEN. We have to wait for God and be happy and grateful to see another day. I rather be single at peace then miserable just to say I have a man!!!!!”

“Say it louder for the ones in the back!!”

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