Atlanta Housewives Eva’s Husband BLOCKS Divorce … Asks Judge To FORCE HER TO STAY MARRIED!!

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According to new court documents first reported on by, Michael Sterling is petitioning the court to deny Real Housewives of Atlanta Eva’s divorce.

Eva filed to end her marriage on the grounds the “marriage is irretrievably broken and there are no prospects for a reconciliation.”

But Michael is challenging this, suggesting that there is a prospect for reconciliation. Eva has offered no evidence that she is open to repairing her marriage.

In fact, Eva’s doing the exact opposite. She recently took a girls trip out of the country, and posted pics and videos of her out here living her best life.

But Michael is a seasoned attorney, and he knows all the loopholes in the law. And the legal eagle may have found a way for the court to force Eva to stay married.

In addition, Michael asked that the court deny her request for primary custody of their kids. Michael didn’t ask for a specific custody agreement, he just wants the entire case dismissed and to remain married.

While Michael wants to stay married …. he also wants Eva to pay for the legal fees of him fighting this case. Michael’s pleadings read, “desires to work towards an amicable resolution to this matter if the parties are unable to resolve this matter,” he believes Eva should pay his legal fees.

The couple shares three minor children; Michael Sterling Jr, Maverick Sterling, and Marley Sterling. Eva had Marley with her ex-Kevin McCall, but Michael treated her as his own.

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