Asap Rocky Case Going To Trial After Rihanna REFUSES To Pay Off ‘Sh**ting’ Victim … Is She Right?

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Over the weekend, Sean Diddy Combs dropped a reported $100M on Cassie – to get her to shut up about alleged abuse and depravity that occurred in their relationship. That settlement, Media Take Out confirmed, knocked Diddy out of billionaire status.

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Rihanna wasn’t about to lose that “B” next to her name … even if it means her babys father A$AP Rocky is going to prison for the next decade.

As Media Take Out reported, A$AP Rocky is facing more than a decade in prison, after one of his former friends alleged that Rih’s babys father sh*t him during an argument.

The former friend, A$AP Relli – was allegedly angling for a 9 figure pay day, similar to the one Cassie received, from A$AP’s baby mama Rihanna. According to A$AP’s attorney, Relli allegedly offered to refuse to cooperate with police, if he got paid.

Media Take Out learned that Rihanna rebuffed the offer. And now it looks like A$AP is going to have to go to trial.

And unfortunately for Rihanna’s babys father, they have video evidence which corroborates Relli’s testimony. The video shows A$AP pulling a gun, and later you can hear a gunshot. With Relli’s testimony … it looks like A$AP is cooked.

Will Rihanna open up her pocketbook at the last minute, and save her babys father from prison …. STAY TUNED!!


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