ASAP Rocky Claims Rap Is Stuck In ‘Adolescense’… Blames Soulja Boy!!

ASAP Rocky says back in the day, rappers used to be older and more mature, but he says that since Soulja Boy, the rap game has been stuck in “adolescence.”

“Rap is in its adolescence and it’s been stuck here since Soulja Boy. Before, everybody looked 35 and up. When Lil Wayne and Jay-Z and T.I. and Jeezy and [Rick] Ross was on, rappers looked old. Like, we had Lil’ Bow Wow and that was it. That all changed with the internet and self-releasing. Now, rap is stuck in this braggadocious, adolescent space. It’s not as mature,” Rocky told Interview Magazine.

Soulja Boy released “Crank That” in 2007 and wrote and produced the song when he was 16. It hit number one on the Billboard charts when he was just 17.

He made the beat in one hour using Fruity Loops.

“To be honest, it took me an hour to produce the ‘Crank That’ song – at the most. Sometimes I just sit back… I can make a beat in my hotel room or I can make a beat in my dressing room, while getting ready for a show, and I can send it to Pro Tools, and bam, get it right back recorded on my laptop. Then I can post it for all my fans to hear,” he told HHDX.

Is Rocky right?

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