Ariana Grande Asks Fans To Stop Sending “Hateful Messages” To Her Loved Ones

Lyndon Abioye |

Ariana Grande is asking her fans to stop sending hate her loved ones way amid allegations she started seeing her boyfriend, Ethan Slater, while he was still married to his wife, Lilly Jay.

Ariana has been accused of being a homewrecker.

Ariana and Ethan first met during Wicked rehearsals in 2022, when they were both still married. They deny cheating but the fans do not believe her.

Lilly later told Page Six that she feels Ariana is “not a girl’s girl,” adding, “My family is just collateral damage.”

The singer took to her Instagram Stories ahead of her Saturday Night Live performance, writing:

“Hi, I just wanted to say anyone that is sending hateful messages to the people in my life based on your interpretation of this album is not supporting me and is absolutely doing the polar opposite of what i would ever encourage (and is also entirely misinterpreting the intention behind the music). I ask that you please do not. It is not how to support me. It is the opposite. Although this album captures a lot of painful moments, it also is woven together with a through line of deep, sincere love. If you cannot hear that, please listen more closely. Thank you.”

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