Ari Lennox DRAGS “Bald B*tch” Joe Budden!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Ari Lennox hopped on Instagram to drag Joe Budden after he briefly mentioned his name when discussing the Kendrick Lamar feud with Drake and J. Cole.

“Y’all think I be playing with the Ari Lennox, Scottie, they do all that earthy, college campus, grassroots sh-t. If you listen to [Cole’s] raps, he just been trying to be the best rapper, the best MC. But you gotta listen to a n-gga’s story. It’s been college life,” Budden said on his podcast.

Ari posted footage of rapper Consequence punching Budden back in 2013 …numerous times on her Instagram Story.

“Knocked your little glasses off and everything,” she wrote. “Keep my precious name out of your psychotic, animal abusing, woman terrorizing, demonic trolling, nicotine encased mouth. All this meth smoke for a woman but not for any man beating your ass in real life. Bald bitch!”

Budden has upset Ari several times in the past with his commentary on her career.

Fans are now waiting for Budden’s response.

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