Ari Lennox Apologizes To Oprah & Gayle King For 2020 IG Rant

Tiffany Brockworth |

Ari Lennox has issued another apology to Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King for comments she made on Instagram Live back in 2020.

During the pandemic, Ari Lennox accused them both of trying to ruin the reputations of Black men.

“I sincerely apologize to Oprah and Gayle. Y’all legends didn’t deserve that wretched ignorant live,” she tweeted.

“I can be a b-tch sometimes. Just putting it out there. Not always proud of those moments, but sometimes I am,” she wrote in a follow up tweet.” I have been naive, a sheep, a people pleaser battling traumas and codependency. I was one mindlessly and unintentionally spreading false information in order to impress people. My lives were a playground on top of a fiery hell. I was simply unaware of the damage I was causing. So while some of those lives represent a sweet, free, and even seemingly happier or more confident girl, I was lost and insecure. No self-awareness and so unhappy. Addicted to entertaining others so I didn’t have to face my own reality.”

Neither Oprah nor Gayle have publicly reacted to the apology.

During her infamous Instagram rant, the singer said: “F-ck Gayle and f-ck Oprah. Y’all are some self-hating pieces of sh-t f-ck asses. If I’ve never seen a c-on more f-cking c-onier than goddamn Kale and Okra. I’m over y’all.”

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