Aoki Lee Simmons Claps Back At ‘Misogynistic’ Critics

Lyndon Abioye |

Aoki Lee Simmons, the daughter of Russell Simmons, is calling out internet trolls who she says have been piling on the hate ever since she put him on blast for allegedly being an abusive father.

“I wonder how your mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, girlfriends, wives would feel seeing some of the sexist, racist, honestly foul comments and messages some of you ‘men’ are leaving me,” she wrote. “The misogynistic stereotypes and names, the absolute hate for women of color a lot of your comments show, just waiting to take your anger at how you feel you’ve been ‘treated’ by women.”

She continued: “All of us ‘b*tches are like this’ and ‘this is the problem with you girls/women/black women/hoes/skanks today?’ No, how about all YOU bitches are like this. I only see one bitter mess in a DM between a 40+ year old male stranger yelling at me about ‘all the bitter black women’ I represent, and it’s not the 20-year-old on the receiving end.”

Russell was in his feelings after his daughter acknowledged their mother on Father’s Day instead of him. Aoki then released video evidence and text messages of his alleged abusive behavior.

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