ANOTHER ABC News Staffer Claims She Had Affair w/ TJ Holmes … That’s The 5TH WOMAN!!

“GMA3” co-host T.J. Holmes is getting exposed again, by a fifth woman who allegedly carried on an affair with him, while working at ABC News. According to a new report seen by Media Take Out, and first published by Page Six, TJ had a suspected in-office romp with another junior staffer.

The insider claims the alleged encounter occurred in 2015, the same year a then-married TJ Holmes allegedly had a months-long affair with an ABC intern Jasmin Pettaway, whom he allegedly had sex with in his office.

This new woman — whose identity Page Six has chosen not to disclose — did not respond to their numerous requests for comment.

Page Six claims that she was in her mid-20s and worked as an overnight associate producer at ABC at the time of the alleged encounter. They did not reveal the race of the alleged side piece either.

But the report made TJ seem like he was a predator. The report said that TJ, 45, and the staffer, who was in her early twenties and is no longer with the network, were allegedly in his office sometime after 3 a.m. with the door closed.

The source claim that she heard “a bunch of rustling” coming from inside the room and that the woman emerged looking “completely flush” and like “a deer in headlights.”

“He was in a position of power over her,” the source added.

“I do think it was like a, ‘Here’s this good-looking younger girl, and she’s here in my office, let me make a move’ sort of thing,” the insider adds, describing the situation as “similar” to Pettaway’s.

Thus far, TJ has been accused of carrying on an affair with Amy Robach, “Good Morning America” producer Natasha Singh , an unnamed “blonde” at the office, Jasmine Pettaway and this woman.

His poor wife.

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