Andy Cohen Slams Tom Sandoval Over ‘T-Shirt’ Comment

Lyndon Abioye |

Andy Cohen called out Tom Sandoval for revealing that his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix, kept her t-shirt on during sex.

Sandoval made the claims during the Vanderpump Rules reunion show.

“Ariana herself in past seasons of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ has talked about not feeling good about her body so to weaponize that, it was so cringe,” he said on SiriusXM’s “Radio And.”

He continued, “Tom Sandoval made a comment that the last time he and Ariana had sex that she was wearing a T-shirt and that it was not hot. And yesterday, that was the remark that I was referring to yesterday on this broadcast, when I said it was something that I thought … would upset women to their core.”

Cohen went on to add that sometimes, he too, wears a t-shirt during sex. Sandoval has been slammed by viewers as being egotistical and ripping him for cheating on Ariana instead of just ending the relationship.

Ariana is now selling a $34.99 graphic shirt, on her  Something About Her shop — showing a cartoon version of herself pulling apart a grilled cheese accompanied by the words “F-ck Me in This Shirt.”

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