Andy Cohen Reveals What Was In Lisa Rinna’s Manila Envelope

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Lisa Rinna turned up to the RHOBH with a manila envelope as her receipts, but viewers never got a chance to see what was in it.

“There’s lots of speculation of what was in the manila envelope let me tell you,” Andy said on Andy Cohen Live. “What was in the manila envelope was [sic] receipts relating to the Elton John AIDS Foundation ticket snafu. There were a lot of decisions made in the edit to cut down many conversations,” he added.

Sutton Stracke had claimed that Lisa and her husband Harry Hamlin attended an Elton John event as her guest and did not thank her. Viewers would not really have cared about the receipts…they are more focused on Lisa’s bullying antics on the show.

“Pretty much every topic we beat to death because that’s what we do,” he said. “We talked about a lot and we had a lot to get into three episodes. If it had been any longer, I feel like everyone would have complained it was too long, but now people are complaining, ‘Why didn’t you talk about this more, why didn’t you talk about that more?’​”

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