Andy Cohen Denies Seeing Lisa Rinna’s Aspen Receipts

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Andy Cohen is refusing to back up Lisa Rinna’s claims that her manila envelope reunion receipts proved her story about Kathy Hilton’s Aspen meltdown.

Andy says Rinna brought one envelope containing Elton John concert evidence, but she says she brought two envelopes.

“She had what were her Aspen receipts that we never saw – that I never saw. We didn’t get to them, we didn’t cut them out of the show, she never handed them over during the show, so that is the tale of Rinna’s receipts,” he said on his Andy Cohen Live show.

“I text Rinna, I go, ‘I said on the radio today that your receipts were about the Elton John Aids thing is that what they were? Were there also Aspen receipts?'” he said he asked her after the reunion. Lisa gave him the stay story she’s given on social media.

“She said ‘that was kind of my corroboration that I sent those texts that night,’ and that’s what that was, and she never entered them to the court for consideration. We never got to them,” Cohen said, referring to the reunion.

Did Lisa lie?

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