Andrew Tate SLAMS Ice Spice For Wearing Upside Down Cross

Lyndon Abioye |

Andrew Tate called out rapper Ice Spice after she was spotted out wearing an upside down cross at the Super Bowl.

“On a very serious, serious note, you have someone wearing an upside-down cross, making devil symbols at the biggest cultural event in American history. Everything I said about how you can see demons if you pay attention, did you look at her [Ice Spice] and think that’s a demon? Maybe you didn’t, but after listening to this, please pay attention,” he said.

Tate doesn’t believe the rapper has any talent.

He continued: “She is wearing an upside-down cross. The matrix has made her famous. Nobody knows why. It’s certainly not because of f-cking talent. And she’s wearing Balenciaga which are child molesters and she’s making devil symbols. What kind of clue are you looking for if those aren’t the clues you need?!”

Some viewers accused Tate of being mad that he’s fallen off since his release from jail.

Watch the clip above.

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