Andrew Schulz Jokes About Diddy & Meek Mill Rumors

Lyndon Abioye |

Comedian Andrew Schulz performed to a huge audience recently where he joked about the raid on Diddy’s home and his alleged relationship with Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill.

“LA, I got tired of the media trying to smear this great city. They’re saying you’re a bunch of f-cking criminals, drug addicts and p-dophiles. That is not the whole city…that is a very small specific section of the city that is called Diddy’s house,” he says in the clip, shared by rapper 50 Cent.

“This is the only reason I think he might be guilty. Every celebrity in LA has had their home robbed, except Diddy,” he continued. “And I thought about it … it’s like bro, robbing Diddy is terrifying because what if he’s there? You break down the door, he’s butt naked on the couch, Meek Mill is sitting on his lap, just petting him like a Maltese cat.” Meek Mill crying, ‘Oh no wait a minute! I thought you was finished;’ Diddy’s like, ‘Can’t stop, won’t stop’. You try to run out, the door is locked. You turn around and all of a sudden you hear, [rapping] ‘You ain’t going nowhere. You ain’t going nowhere. I can’t be stopped now. It’s your as-hole tonight.’”

Lil Rod named Meek Mill as one of Diddy’s male lovers in his lawsuit against the mogul. Meek denied rumors of any relationships with men on social media while Diddy’s attorney’s called the raids a “witch hunt.”

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