Amber Rose Stars In New ‘Trump Trump Baby’ Music Video

Lyndon Abioye |

MAGA-loving rapper Forgiato Blow dropped “Trump Trump Baby” which samples the “Ice Ice Baby” beat by Vanilla Ice and features Amber Rose.

Forgiato is trying to rally his followers to vote for the Republican nominee who is up against Joe Biden in the upcoming November election.

“Red pill popping swerving in the Trump Trump/ Republican Forgi Antifa knows what’s up/ Red, white and blue MAGA Nation throw it up/ Black, white and brown all about to vote for Trump/ Democrat Party going take your freedom/ Indicting our president cuz they can’t beat him/ It’s a two-tier justice system/ Put America first we the victims,” he raps.

Amber Rose is seen wearing the thick Trump chain and MAGA engagement ring she was seen wearing in a viral clip from last week.

Amber Rose has denied getting a check to publicly endorse Trump, but on a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, he weighed in on her antics, stating she believed she is definitely getting a check from the Trump camp.

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