Amber Rose Responds To Wack 100!!

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Amber Rose got into a shouting match with Wack 100 after the hip-hop manager claimed that she was still having relations with Kanye West.

“You’re not going to do that over Clubhouse. If you wanted to have a conversation with me, you could have had a conversation with me!” Amber yells over Wack. Amber went on to accuse Wack of “abusing bitches,” but said he would not do it to her.

Amber was responding to Wack’s disrespectful rant on the platform.

. “You can’t play with me, I know where you’re at,” he said. “I know about your weird ass baby daddy, all that. I know that he left you for Madonna . Outta here. AE, on my momma. I’m finna violate that- why she put that rule? I ain’t turning nothing down from nobody.”

“You sucked Kanye nine months ago. AE left you for a 70-year-old. Wiz like what you like,” Wack 100 added. “We gon’ see how your family and your whole circle can handle this. I hope that you ready. She is nobody! She is somebody to y’all. Wack, you know me in real life.”

Did Wack cross the line?

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