Amber Rose BLASTS Christians . . . Claims That Their Beliefs Are “Ludicrous’!!

Media Take Out Staff |

Amber Rose, the Instagram model who once wore an upside down cross on her forehead – a Satanic symbol – is blasting people who believe in God, and in particular Christians.

Amber made some pretty explosive anti-Christian claims in a new podcast, where she was asked about religion and spirituality, Media Take Out confirmed.

Amber Rose told podcast host Raquel Harper on the It’s Tricky podcast, “I had a lot of questions about God that just didn’t add up. I believe in science, more than, like an invisible entity named God was like, ‘Let there be light,’ It just seems far fetched to me.”

“And I just don’t believe Jesus died for my sins and came back to life. That’s ludicrous.”


Christians, and especially Black Christians, are one of the few demographic groups who can be publicly disrespected in the United States, without consequence.

But the Black Christian community on social media isn’t letting Amber get away with her statements. Many are speaking out about Amber’s apparent anti-Christian statements. They are asking for her to be cancelled.

During Made In America fest in Philly in 2013, Wiz Khalifa’s then-wife Amber Rose snapped a flick with Beyonce and debuted a disturbing temporary piece of ink on her forehead.

The bald beauty apparently etched an upside down cross right between her eyebrows, prompting backlash from Twitter users for displaying what they regarded as a symbol of anti-Christianity and satanism.

It didn’t take long for Amber to clap back at the haters with a dose of knowledge. “An upside down cross is a St Peter’s cross… is not satanic,” she wrote on the social site. “Look it up before u speak ignorance. Good Day.”

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