Al B. Sure Weighs In On Diddy Scandal

Lyndon Abioye |

Al B. Sure hopped on social media to post a cryptic message after Cassie’s lawsuit against Diddy went viral.

“Kind of, almost something like this. I do agree my expectations about you were driven strictly from my optimistic view of you, hoping your grimy ways would dissipate with age or the current state of affairs that will eventually expose that you were on the payroll and secretly part of the shenanigans. Undo the puzzle,” he posted over a clip of Boosie’s interview with The Breakfast Club.

Given the timing, fans assumed he was referring to Diddy, but Al. B Sure returned to social media to clarify his remarks…letting fans know that he did not name any names.

“I posted a story this morning about someone close to me that I trusted like family, come to find out I walk with their flag daily & they were grimy on many levels while I went down and was hospitalized and they’ve [been] questionably riding the fence throughout the entire attempts on my existence. So to update your blogs and fictional narratives FYI: I don’t comment, speak on nor concern myself with court cases, the ensuing results or another man or woman’s business thats not my own, no matter how closely associated my artistic posts may reflect real life.”

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