Akon Used To Fake Being An African Prince

Lyndon Abioye |

In a recent interview, Akon admitted that he used to pretend to be an American Prince.

“I used the excuse that I was a survivor, because it made me feel better about it. But there was nothing for me to survive. Because my parents was actually really wealthy. I was living in New Jersey. We lived in a three-story house, just me and my older brother. So when I think about it, we were just bored as hell,” he said on Drink Champs.

He continued: “I think a lot of my choices came from wanting to be accepted, you know? So that’s how I got caught into all the things that I got caught into, including cars. Because cars made me feel special. I was young, I could drive with the most elite vehicles, and I ran with the scenario that I was an African prince.”

Akon made headlines last week when he finally replaced a fake watch her bought rapper French Montana.

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