Akon Says Gang Ties Held Back Chris Brown’s Career

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Akon says the reason Chris Brown did not become as big as Michael Jackson is because of his longstanding gang ties.

“In this day and age, the only person, in my opinion, that could’ve achieved just as great of a legacy as [Michael Jackson], to me, would’ve been Chris Brown,” he said on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast. “I just believe that Chris Brown wasn’t surrounded by the circle of creative people that Mike was surrounded by. Because Chris got the talent, he just needed the direction.”

Akon says Breezy’s team are members of the Bloods gang.

“Imagine if Chris had Mike’s team? Just imagine that. It would be something different. But Chris, he got Bloods around him, he got little gangbangers around him. He don’t have the guidance. He’s smart, but he’s smart according to what this generation’s ‘smart’ attracts.”

Many think Breezy’s domestic violence incident with Rihanna years ago also held him back. Is Akon right?

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