Akon Reveals Why Michael Jackson Allegedly Started Using Pills

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Akon sat down with The Sun and revealed why late pop icon Michael Jackson allegedly started using pills.

“He was so happy and excited that he was about to go to London and lock these 50 dates in and remind the world who he was and what his value was to pop music. He didn’t even sleep. That is why he was taking sleeping pills because he was too damn excited,” he told the outlet.

Jackson died at his Los Angeles home after receiving a lethal dose propofol which is intended for use only during surgery and other medical procedures. He also had was prescribed other pills by his personal doctor Conrad Murray.

Murray says it was to help Jackson sleep.

“He would be up for weeks at a time thinking about how he wanted everybody to have the most amazing experience, he wanted to create something that was going to be talked about for centuries “You are going to need help to get sleep,” he added. “Because your mind is constantly moving and your energy and your flow [are] electric to the point where you cannot turn it off.”

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