Akon Responds To Suge Knight’s R*pe Allegations

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Akon has responded to Suge Knight’s claims that the “Locked Up” rapper once sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl.

The world knows a lie when they hear it,” he wrote on X. “It’s unfortunate that this man is going out like this. It’s sad and seriously embarrassing.”

He continued, “Regardless of our history, I’m still going to be praying for him,” he added, referencing their past beef.

During an interview with Dave Mays, Suge said:

“I wasn’t going to bring it up…One of my homegirls, she was a hustler. She had a little sister…3 years old. And her best friend was 12 years old. She’s in the car with him. You and Detail call her [Suge’s homegirl]. And she said, ‘I got my little sister and her best friend with me.’ I said, ‘Well, then stop by for a second.’ She go by y’all hotel, in y’all room, and she gets a call. It was the dudes she met at the hotel when she was coming to see you muthaf-ckas. He said, ‘Come by, just for 20 minutes.’ [She said] ‘I can’t do it right now, I gotta take my little sister home, with her friend. I’ll be back in about an hour.’ He said, ‘Come by in 20 minutes, I got a big payday for you.’ You, Akon, said, ‘Go ahead. You can leave your little sister and her friend right here. We can order them something to eat,” Suge claimed.

He continued: “She goes to the next room … she says she comes back in about 35 minutes. When she gets back in the room, her little sister and that other little girl don’t wanna eat. They look scared. And they’re crying. When she gets back in the car with them, they tell her, ‘Akon, you f-cked the little girl, 13 …Detail f-cked the little girl, 12 years old. Y’all raped them.’ So when she told me, I pulled up on her, and she said she’s going to the police to put you muthaf-ckas in jail for rape. I said, ‘Nah, we don’t do that, telling to the police. I’ll deal with it. I promise you that.’ So I was trying to catch you muthaf-ckas about that situation.”

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