Akon: My Goal Is To Get Everybody To Move Back To Africa

Lyndon Abioye |

Akon says if all African Americans moved back to Africa, the continent would be unstoppable.

“My goal is to get everybody to move back to Africa. That’s my goal. I wanna get as many African-Americans back home to Africa as I possibly can, because I know the day they move back, everything they fighting for in America – they will not have to fight for over there,” he said on REVOLT‘s Deposit$ podcast.

He continued, “All the struggle that they struggled [in America] … they gon’ come there with this mindset, with this mentality, with the finances that they built, the equity in life and bring it back and invest that in Africa? Man, Africa could be the strongest nation in the world if y’all went back home. Because we got everything that it takes to be that. We got the resources, we got the land, we got the population. And together we got the strength and we got the know-how. Like why we ain’t doing that?”

Y’all moving to Africa?

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