Akon: Canada Is DOMINATING Hip Hop!!

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Atlanta rap was once setting the trends in Hip Hop but Akon says that Canada is now the leading influence.

“Atlanta’s been a driving force to Hip Hop, for sure, but the dominators of Hip Hop is Canada. N-gga, they dominating the music business. Okay, you got Drake, you got Tory Lanez, you got The Weeknd, you got Justin Bieber,” he said.

“Now, mind you, I’m thinking from a business standpoint. I’m not talking about influence. Influence? Atlanta, hands down. ‘Cause everything that those guys I mentioned in Canada is birthed from influence here in Atlanta. Don’t get it twisted, Atlanta changed the game when it came to urban music.”

The “Locked Up” rapper added, “”When Lil Jon came with the 808, then JD came and opened it commercially. Like bro, Atlanta changed the face of music and created a different spectrum of how people looked at hip hop. Before it was New York and then Cali, but when Atlanta came, Atlanta brought culture. They brought color, they brought style, they brought fashion, and they brought influence.”

Y’all agree with Akon or is he trippin’?

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