Akademiks CONFIRMS Drake DID NOT Plant Fake Daughter Story To Kendrick Lamar’s Camp!!

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DJ Akademiks has sided with Drake throughout his beef with Kendrick Lamar, but the streamer admitted over the weekend that the items Kendrick Lamar used as his cover art for “Meet the Grahams” were actually Drake’s and his father’s.

Even more shockingly, Drizzy did not plant a story about a fake daughter.

The artwork for “Meet the Grahams” includes the cover art for “6:16 in LA,” a bottle of Ozempic prescribed to Aubrey Graham (Drake), a business card for jeweler Nadine Ghosn, a receipt for a jewelry store in New York City, black leather Maybach gloves and a shirt. 

Originally, Drake claimed that he had planted the items but the items were actually from a suitcase that had been stolen from his father, Dennis Graham. But Akademiks admits that after doing some investigating, the Ozempic prescription does appear to be Drake’s as it says that Drake has only been on the weight loss drugs for a month or two.

Ak also revealed that he is an investor in the drug.

Akademiks confessed to his fans that Drake told him he had no idea about the daughter. Drizzy claimed he leaked the story to Kendrick’s camp on The Heart 6, but that was not true.

This seems to confirm allegations that Drizzy has a mole in his camp.

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