Akademiks Accuses Ebro Of Blackballing Rappers!!

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DJ Akademiks has accused Ebro Darden of blackballing artists in a new Twitter rant.

“Y’all artist who don’t get love at Apple music…its Ebro. I seen executive fumin cuz he blocking their artists cuz of personal vendetta…N-gga got a ego…if he don’t fw u or what u stand for…Apple Music especially hip-hop apple music won’t fw u. He the global head of dat sh-t,” he tweeted.

Ak is mad that Ebro responded to his recent Twitch rap, calling older rappers “dustry” and clowning them for being broke.

“Ebro will never address me without admitting he was a fake ass n-gga..who tried to politic me out the game..cuz I fw a n-gga u wont fwit..u wasn’t dealin with with me at first..but now u got all the energy. Nah n-gga admit that then we can talk. I don’t talk bout u. Opposite,” he continued.

Ak also jumped on Twitch to explain how Ebro blackballs artists and that it’s all personal.

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