After Twitter Examines Videos … They Claim Jamie Foxx Videos May Be A FAKE … Possibly A Lookalike!

Lyndon Abioye |

Yesterday Jamie Foxx was spotted out in Chicago, for the first time since he suffered from his emergency medical condition, believed to be a stroke, Media take Out has learned.

TMZ posted a video showing a man who they claim is Jamie, on a yacht traveling down the Chicago river. But is that really Jamie??

Of course we think it is – but social media sleuths arent sure.

Here’s Jamie playing mini golf.

Folks all across Twitter have examined the videos – with some suggesting that the video may be an artificial intelligence deep fake, and others suggesting that the man on the boat was actually a Jamie Foxx impersonator.

They pointed out that the hairline on the man in the video is distinctly different from Jamie’s latest hairline. Here’s an image taken of Jamie from earlier this year:

Embed from Getty Images

Next the Twitter sleuths point out that Jamie ALWAYS wears an expensive watch on his left arm. But he’s NOT in the image:

Embed from Getty Images

What do you think … is that really JAMIE??

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