Adin Ross Tells YBN Nahmir He Fell Off…Nahmir Claps Back w/ Violent Threats!!

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Youtuber Adin Ross has been going back and forth with rapper YBN Nahmir after the rapper mocked his interview with Playboi Carti.

Carti pulled up to Adin Ross’ stream but wore a mask, wanted the whole place dark and left after just a few minutes. Ross allegedly paid him $2 million.

“N-gga that just paid $2 million for a n-gga to sit next to you. Don’t mention me and sh-t. I don’t give a f-ck about no free promo, no d-ck holding sh-t, because I’m not that type of a n-gga,” said Nahmir.

Adin saw his reaction and responded: “I got it. Nahmir, you’re not worth $100,000. You fell off, you suck at music. You failed your music career. You don’t have a saying. I’ve got no disrespect to show, but that. Nahmir, you’re nothing. You’re nobody and your career sucks. He wants 100 bangs to fight. You are nowhere near 100 bangs. And again, Kick paid Carti $2 mill. Hey, at least I got $2 mill to pay. You’re broke, f-ck you!”

It did not take long for Adin’s response to get back to Nahmir who then threatened to put hands on the streamer.

“Don’t at me and don’t f-cking sh-t. If you’re talking sh-t, you’re going to get f-cking smacked in your f-cking mouth. You can hire all the security that you want to. It’s not going to work like that. Don’t disrespect my name and act like, ‘No disrespect, no disrespect!’ Shut the f-ck up, n-gga!” he said.

Fans think the beef is getting out of control. Ross recently got into a heated exchange with Joe Budden for his criticism of Kai Cenat, another popular streamer.

Is Ross right? Did Nahmir fall off?

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