Adin Ross Responds To Joe Budden On His Podcast

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Adin Ross has responded to Joe Budden’s podcast rant against him after Budden accused him of getting involved in business that doesn’t involve him.

“There’s a lot of people involved in culture that know absolutely nothing about culture. But today, because of tech, they’re integral parts in the conversation, in the song making, in what the artists can and cannot do,” said Budden on a reecent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast.

“It’s like, who the f-ck are you?” he continued. “Where did you come from? For me, the Hip Hop I come from, there’s no world where me and Adin Ross need to talk about something. Who the f-ck are you, n-gga? Where did you just pop up from?”

Ross saw Budden’s rant and hopped onto his livestream to respond.

“So why bring me up, bro? How does that make any sense? Why are you bringing me up, I respond, and now you’re saying there’s no reason for him and I to be in a conversation? What do you want to gain out of it? You want to gain something out of it, clearly. Is your podcast doing that bad, your numbers are that bad, you need me to react to it?” he asked. “Damn, nothing just works out for you, bro. Your rap career failed, your podcast is clearly failing.”

Fans have accused Budden of hating on the young streamers after he slammed Kai Cenat after he shaded Killer Mike’s Grammy win.

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