Adin Ross’ Manager On Why Top Rappers Won’t Jump On His Streams

Tiffany Brockworth |

Adin Ross is one of the most popular streamers but he cannot get some of the industry’s biggest rappers on his show. During a recent stream, his manager explained why he’s a liability.

“Yeah, I would be getting you guests if they weren’t all afraid to be seen with you. It’s insane. Your reputation is just so toxic. No one wants to be anywhere near you,” his manager told him.

“Wait, so it’s because I’m a brand risk?” Ross asked.

“Uh, duh…Oh yeah, they don’t want to be associated with a guy that’s having Nazis on his stream,” his manager told him.

Ross then told his manager that he’s stopped having Nazi’s on his stream.

“Alright, but you still were doing it, dude. … I mean, you’re very closely affiliated with Andrew Tate, so a lot of people are afraid of that,” he manager replied.

Is his manager right? Is his affiliation with Andrew Tate and with Nazi’s costing him major guests?

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