Adin Ross Claims He Had S*x w/ Sexyy Red…Says It Was “Really Good”

Lyndon Abioye |

Adin Ross made a shocking claim about Sexyy Red while talking to DJ Akademiks on a livestream.

He said he has had sex with rapper Sexyy Red.

“I did f-xk Sexyy Red,” he told Ak, after asking Akademiks whether he already knew.

“Okay. F-ck it. There we go. Some truth,” Ak responded, seemingly confirming he did already know, before asking Adin, “How was it?”

“It was good,” Adin replied. “It was really good.”

Ak then asked if Adin could handle her “throwing it back.”

“Nah. She was kind of being the dominant one,” he responded.

Adin said he “jerked off” to her leaked sex tape and that’s what made him reach out to her in the first place.

Ak accused Adin of lying and told him, “You don’t like Black girls though…”

“I do,” said Adin.

Ak says Adin is intimidated by Black girls and has a “Latina” fetish.

Watch the exchange in the clip above.

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