Adam22 Shares Why He Interviewed One Of Pop Smoke’s K*llers

Lyndon Abioye |

Adam22 has responded to the backlah after he interviewed 19-year-old Blockstar, one of late rapper Pop Smoke’s killers.

In the interview, Blockstar says he did not regret killing the rapper.

Adam22 says he did care about the way people feel about the tragic death but says he “thought it was an important historical record of somebody who was involved in one of the most tragic, insane stories in rap history.”

Adam22 says that he new Pop Smoke personally and they communicated several times before he passed. He added that he did not do the interview to upset the late rapper’s friends or family.

The No Jumper CEO has faced backlash from fans and from other celebrities, including DJ Akademiks who said the interview crossed the line.

“By having this conversation, people can really understand what goes through the mind of somebody who’s capable of doing something like that. I think if you watch the interview, it’s pretty obvious that I wasn’t glamorizing it and that I was trying to have the tough conversation with him that I thought this situation warranted,” he added.

Should Adam22 have passed on the interview.

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