Adam22 Responds To T-Rell… “Use Your Words!!”

Lyndon Abioye |

Adam22 responded to former employee T-Rell’s threats against his 2-year-old daughter, Parker.

T-Rell walked away from No Jumper earlier this year, but still has beef with his former boss.

“This is how easy this gonna be? I do a 28-minute surgical dismantling of your life, career, and what you’ve accomplished, and then you say you’re gonna kick my daughter in the a-s? Do you think you’re winning anyone over with this sort of outburst? You need to use your words bud. Uh, frankly I’m embarrassed. You coulda did a lot better. You didn’t respond to anything that I said. You’re not good at this. That’s why you’re threatening to kick kids in the a-s,” said Adam.

T-Rell previously said, “Tell Parker when she see me … When you see this Parker when you’re older, I’ma kick you in your a-s. And f-ck yo daddy. F-ck yo grandma too. You feel me, but thats where I’m at with it.”

You can watch Adam’s response below.

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