Actress Jennifer Lawrence Unveils BRAND NEW FACE … Fans Think She Had ‘FACE TRANSPLANT’!

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence looks different. Media Take Out confirms that the actress attended an event in New York City yesterday, and showed off her new look.

Fans of the actress were shocked at just how different she looked. While most speculated that Jennifer had some fairly extensive facial surgery, some on social media are saying that the actress may have undergone a controversial “facial transplant.”

Face transplant surgery is an controversial procedure that is now being offered overseas in Eastern Europe, Media Take Out has confirmed.

The surgery requires a “donor face”, and two teams of surgeons start operating simultaneously. One team prepared the patients face to accept the transplant while the other prepares the donor for transplantation.

The surgeons then connect the bones with plates and screws. Surgeons use a surgical microscope to connect the arteries, nerves and veins. Once blood is flowing through the transplanted face, any remaining muscles and nerves are connected, and the skin and soft tissues are closed.

Facial transplant surgery typically takes 16 hours or more depending on how much and which parts of the face need to be restored.

Here’s the new Jennifer.

And here’s what Jennifer used to look like:

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