Actress Ashley Blaine Posts Video With Her New Husband … Black Twitter Is CONVINCED HE’S GAY!

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Actress Ashley Blaine, best known as a cast member on the Netflix series Dear White People, is going viral on Twitter today.

She and her husband posted a video online, where they described how their relationship was a bit rocky, when they first met.

In the video clip, Ashley’s husband told her that he was not willing to commit to her, early in their relationship. Ashley says that she appreciated the honesty, but felt “hurt” by what her husband said.

Eventually, Ashley’s husband realized that he had a prize, and not only committed to the actress, but he put a ring on it.

Now here’s the tea. Black Twitter saw the video, and is convinced that Ashley’s hubby – who definitely has some Saucy Santana vibes to him – is gay.

Here are just a sample of the comments below the video:

That man is sweeter than your southern big mama’s sweet tea and I don’t mean kind chile

I’m not going to say what I really what to say about dude because I don’t want to get suspended again but if you were to flip this emoji


upside down then you know what I’m alluding to.

So am I the only one who was waiting for him to admit how he was lying to himself by being “brutally honest” w/ her and he eventually came to terms w/ his identity? Because that’s the real issue I’m seeing here.

definitely thought they were having a gworl chat before I turned the audio on…

THIS. Whole time I’m watching I’m like this man is gay!!!


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