6ix9ine’s Alleged Attacker Pleads Not Guilty

Lyndon Abioye |

One of the alleged attackers arrested in connection with the beatdown of rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine in an LA Fitness gym, has pleaded not guilty to battery and robbery without a firearm or weapon.

Radar Online reports that Rafael Medina Jr. entered his plea. In return. Median received permission to travel for work while on house arrest. “Medina has been convicted of two felonies, both of which were non-violent drug offenses. He has never been convicted of a crime involving violence,” his lawyer said.

Prosecutors claim Medina, his son Octavious and Anthony Maldonado of jumping were responsible for the brutal attack. Medina is rumored to be the president of a local chapter of the Latin Kings. Charges have already been dropped against Maldonado.

6ix9ine spoke about the attack in a news interview.

“For me, it was tough to watch because it was so unexpected. It’s cowardly. When I look at it, I just see hate, right? Imagine being someone who doesn’t know someone from a hole in the wall,” he told NBC Miami. “I’ll give you an example: today is the first day that I meet you, I don’t know you from anywhere, I could have heard something about you that I may have an opinion on, but I don’t know you to hate you.”

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