50 Cent Trolls Diddy w/ Trump Deepfake Video!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

50 Cent continues to troll Diddy after his house raid on Monday, and the New York rapper posted a deepfake of Donald Trump.

“Puffy, you stupid ass n-gga. I told you stop f-cking with R. Kelly. I said, ‘Grab them in the p-ssy. Don’t kidnap the p-ssy,” the fake Trump says in the video.

“They raided your sh-t, I see. I got a courtesy call when they raided my house. You really f-cked up, my n-gga,” he says, adding, “Can I get a copy of the Meek Mill sex tape? Please, n-gga.”

50 is reportedly working on a documenatry about the Diddy allegations.

The last comment is in reference to audio floating around the internet. Social media says it’s a clip of Diddy and Meek being intimate, although there is no proof of this.

Meek has denied having relations with men but Diddy has denied all of the allegations that have come out about him since November 2023.

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