50 Cent Makes Jeffrey Epstein Comparison Amid Diddy’s S*x Trafficking Drama

Lyndon Abioye |

50 Cent is nowhere close to neding his relentless trolling of Diddy, and over the weekend, the rapper compared Diddy to late billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, who was also a convicted sex offender.

Boosie recently went on a rant on social media, questiniong why Diddy’s friends have not been speaking out in his defence.

Diddy hosted many of the entertainments biggest movers and shakers but after lawsuits were filed against him and the feds raided his homes, many distanced themselves or said nothing at all.

“I don’t hear none of them n-ggas that was toasting at Diddy’s with that champagne every year, having speeches with mane, nobody speak up for this mane or nothing,” Boosie said in the clip. “When you on top of the world, it’s a celebration. When you on the bottom, it’s a denial-ation. All of them muthaf-ckas all with their suits on, and their cups up. Ain’t nobody saying nothing. Boy this world, boy.”

50 reacted to Boosie’s comments, with a close up of Epstein.

“Boosie said where the f-ck is his friends,” he wrote in the caption. “They not saying nothing because they didn’t know he was recording everything. LOL Wait till I get the tapes.”

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