50 Cent & Jay Z Are Beefing . .. UH OH . . . This Could Get UGLY!!!

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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is known for starting beefs, and ending careers. Now he appears top have turned his ire on rival rapper/mogul Shawn “Jay Z” Carter.

Media Take Out learned that Jay Z reportedly tried to cut 50 Cent out of Dr Dre’s Superbowl Halftime show. But that Eminem put a stop to Jigga’s alleged plans.

Jay Z’s longtime friend Nore said in a recent interview, that Eminem told Jay Z that he would not perform unless 50 was a part of the show, Media Take Out has learned.

Nore explained the interaction between Jay Z and Eminem during the interview – claiming that Jay Z referred to Eminem as “the White boy.”

Now 50 Cent is blasting back. He sent out a series of IG posts, where he referred to Jay Z as trying to look like a “gay painter.”

Jay Z has adopted the look of master artist Jean Michel Basquiat, on elf the most renowned artists in history. Basquiat was not considered gay, but he reportedly had male-on-male relationships.


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