50 Cent Finally Admits Hang Upside Down At Super Bowl Was A Mistake

50 Cent on The Breakfast Club
Lyndon Abioye |

50 Cent was trolled online for hanging upside down during his Super Bowl 2022 performance. The rapper tried to redo his “In Da Club” video on stage but fans mocked 50, saying he looked out of shape.

“It’s gonna be a whole new show. Sometimes out of habit, you go to certain records. People love other things on it, so I wanna make sure I touch those records before I don’t do those anymore,” he said.

Speaking directly about the upside down hanging, Fif said: “I think that was a mistake for the Super Bowl. Everybody else walked in regular, the songs still went over and they got the trophy, too. They all won an Emmy. They got the same thing I got and I had to put myself upside down.”

The performance went viral and social media was quick to post memes of upside down 50, but he took it in good humor.

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