50 Cent Doesn’t Like His Women To Ask Him For Gifts!!

50 Cent on The Breakfast Club
Lyndon Abioye |

50 Cent doesn’t mind spoiling his women, but he says he doesn’t like it when they ask him to buy them things.

“I get defensive when a person is trying to… when a woman is asking me for things. Then I’m like, ‘Oh you think I’m a sucker?” 50 Cent told Mary J. Blige. “Because organically I wanna do those things. Then I’ll start to do those things and it’ll be cool because she’s never asked me for nothing. But if she comes with those intentions or that idea then it feels like, ‘Wait.'”

This week, the rapper made headlines after he won the $6.2 million lawsuit against him.

50 says he plans to seize the assets of former Le Chemin du Roi champagne employee Mitchell Green. “I think I’m gonna put Epoxy floors in this place. I’m gonna keep it and his family pictures around, you know as a theme for the place. LOL.”

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