50 Cent Doesn’t Believe Hip Hop Is More Violent

50 Cent on The Breakfast Club
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50 Cent has weighed in on the debate about whether Hip Hop is now more violent than ever.

50 says things are more or less the same but that social media makes it seem worse.

“I think it’s the same energy but we’re in a different period so it looks different. It’s gonna happen where everyone can take a look on camera. When Nipsey gets killed, for the first time they saw him get killed,” he told Van Lathan.

“Because of social media, everyone’s involved now. Because those kids in middle America are clicking the fucking button to look and are fascinated with the killings because they’re living on a side so wild compared to the conservative lifestyle they’re having.”

50 Cent’s highly anticipated eight-part investigative series, Hip Hop Homicides premiered on WE tv last week. In the series, Van Lathan takes a closer look at the “staggering number of murders in the hip-hop community.”

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