50 Cent Continues To Troll Diddy With Ma$e Throwback Freestyle

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50 Cent posted a throwback freestyle from a 2021 performance from Ma$e, where the rapper appears to fire shots at disgraced Bad Boy boss, Diddy.

“Who said MA$E don’t get busy 👀man you gotta listen!” 50 Cent captioned the clip.

In the clip, Ma$e raps:

Empty pipes when cliques get called/ And go to church on Sunday, I’m the illest of all/Don’t ever put Ma$e with other Bad Boys who had hardships/ You know I get it jumping like a mosh pit, n-gga/ On the verse level, dirt level/ I can never work level/ N-ggas mad I made it to the ‘I would never work’ level/ Since Cain killed Abel, I’m able to kill Cain/ And Love don’t steal, my n-gga, change your name/ I see no integrity in your name, and I’m haunted by the Ghost of St. James.

Ma$e had previously called Diddy out for not giving him his publishing. Before Diddy’s scandal hit this year, the Bad Boy artists were offered their publishing back if they signed an air-tight NDA.

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