50 Cent Continues To TROLL Diddy Over Keefe D Arrest

50 Cent on The Breakfast Club
Lyndon Abioye |

50 Cent is continuing to troll Diddy after Keefe D’s arrest for the murder of Tupac Shakur in 1996.

Diddy shared a clip of Keefe D’s interview with The Art of Dialogue where he claims Diddy put a $1 million hit out on Pac’s head but that he never saw a dime of that money.

“One of my homies from 30s, I heard every quarter he gets clothes, all this sh-t. Then you gave this other dude a brand-new Benzo, a Maybach; another n-gga, a piece of the record company. Goddamn, homie! I was on top of the world until I met your motherf-ckin’ ass,” he said in the clip.

50 captioned the clip, “LMAO. Brother Love, show some love. Damn should have just sent this fool a few dollars.”

Keefe has claimed Diddy was behind Pac’s killing but so far, Diddy has not been arrested. Tasha K recently claimed the Bad Boy boss had been questioned by the cops and let go. Keefe D was also questioned by the cops and let go more than once before his recent arrest.

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