50 Cent Claims His New Pronoun Is “THING”

50 Cent on The Breakfast Club
Lyndon Abioye |

50 Cent hopped on social media to announce a change in pronouns.

“Please refer to me as the thing 50cent. I do not identify as a person anymore I’m a thing. Thank you in advance,” he wrote.

Fans reacted to the announcement with disbelief and 50 hopped back online to clarify.

“Yes I identify as thing, my pronoun is THING/ IT,” 50 wrote. “Please refer to me as the thing 50cent,or you can say that thing 50cent is the sh-t!”

50’s fans are still not convinced that he is serious.

50 went viral last month after he body-shamed Madonna again.

“👀who the fvck did this? She’s rich how the hell she didn’t get it fixed 🤨I want the fvcking doctors name right now. I mean damn it man ! LOL,” he wrote, mocking the star’s BBL again. 50 posted the picture of Madonna alongside an ant.

Madonna did not respond to 50’s newest roast.

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