50 Cent Blasts The Grammys Over Bad Bunny Captions

Lyndon Abioye |

50 Cent put the Grammys on blast for their closed captions during Bad Bunny’s performance.

Bad Bunny spoke in Spanish. The captions while the singer was speaking read “Speaking non-English” and “singing in non-English.”

The Grammys need to be check about this. Fvcking @badbunnypr bigger than everybody right now and you can’t pay for closed caption. Wtf is this speaking Non-English. FIX IT !” wrote Fif.

He followed up with, “TF going on here, I DONT WANT TO HEAR SH-T FIX IT!”

Social media agreed.

“Seeing [SPEAKING IN NON-ENGLISH] in closed captions in 2023 is a great reminder that a lot of us can’t separate our accessibility from our culture, which is why those conversations need to be inclusive as all hell,” somebody tweeted.

“66,000,000 of us speak Spanish here in the great US of A. USA is the second largest Spanish speaking country worldwide second to Mexico. Non-English. Get out,” another Twitter user wrote.

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