42 Dugg Sentenced To ONE YEAR In Jail!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Detroit rapper 42 Dugg has been sentenced to a year in prison for failing to surrender to a case back in February.

The rapper will also have to serve three years of supervised release when he is released, and pay a $20,000 fine. 42 Dugg must also not use illegal drugs.

Dugg was supposed to surrender in West Virginia to serve his sentence for illegally possessing a firearm after he allegedly fired a weapon inside a gun range in Atlanta.

Dugg is considered a felon after being charged with carjacking and felony firearms possession in the past. He is not allowed to have a firearm.

In August 2020, Dugg was arrested for evading the police in Detroit. He was still not sentenced to time in prison. Now it seems the feds have had enough and could be giving the rapper the full 5 years for the trouble.

He originally pleaded not guilty with the excuse that he’s a sovereign citizen and doesn’t have to comply with federal law.

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